Our campuses

International students of the University of Pannonia can find English-language programmes on three campuses in three unique Hungarian towns. Get familiar with our campuses in Veszprém, Kőszeg and Nagykanizsa!


The main campus of the university is located in Veszprém – an important cultural center of Hungary. It is one of the oldest towns in the country, which has been the seat of a bishopric since 1009. Veszprém is nicknamed as the City of Queens due to its cultural and historical significance: almost one thousand years ago, queens of Hungary were crowned here.

The Veszprém campus hosts the biggest number of students and provides multiple opportunities for research; students and academics are able to work in modern, fully equipped laboratories and participate in a variety of conferences and workshops organized on campus. Exciting traditional events of the university, such as Freshmen’s Ball, Faculty Parties and the University Days of Veszprém (a week-long competition of student teams with parties and concerts), are all held on Veszprém campus. 

The campus is located between the capital of Hungary Budapest and Lake Balaton – the second most visited tourist attraction of the country. Surrounded by Bákony Hills, the city provides both a lively and vibrant cultural life and calm environment to focus on study and professional development. 


Kőszeg is a place where multidisciplinarity prevails, where critical thinking is taught and where past and future meet. The campus is located in the heart of the town of Kőszeg in Western Hungary. The charming and unique surroundings of this historic town offer an excellent opportunity to acquire quality knowledge. The Kőszeg campus does not only offer a valuable degree, but also allows students to engage in cutting-edge research under the guidance of leading academics: our students are privileged to participate in the recently established “Institute of Advanced Studies Kőszeg” (iASK), a research institute alongside the University and the Campus. Therefore, we are especially looking for applicants who would like to be involved in the research of iASK. Each year, Kőszeg campus attracts aspiring students and academics from Hungary and other countries, so that they can share their experience and exchange knowledge. 


The Nagykanizsa campus is located in proximity of Lake Balaton, in a historically significant area. For centuries, Nagykanizsa has been a connecting point for trade and transportation roots, which contributed to the great cultural diversity of the region.

The campus is famous for its University Center for Circular Economy, which integrates interdisciplinary approach, contributing to the development and efficiency of businesses in our environment. Providing specialised expertise to a wide range of businesses and other institutions involved in water management, we contribute to regional development through empirical research for institutions involved in tourism and local economic development. 

The campus of the University of Pannonia in Nagykanizsa provides students with services and opportunities that are unique, future-oriented and can serve as a model for other higher education institutions in the region. A continuous review of the education portfolio and the search for new opportunities and niches in the market should be the basis for its operation.