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Bachelor's degree program
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Water is the world’s most precious natural resource. This BSc programme provides advanced training to students to develop their understanding of the activities involved in water and wastewater treatment and to work out strategies and devise systems that are crucial to preserving the environment.

The programme aims to develop your thinking ability and with this academic knowledge to create innovative solutions to practical problems. It will provide you the skills that you need to solve problems both alone and in a team structure by the help of the engineering science.

In the 6-semester training course, students learn on subjects that provide the right knowledge for everyday routine tasks in the water industry. Students choose a specialization in the fourth semester to study special subjects. There is an opportunity by professional partners to take part in a professional practice where students get a wealth of professional knowledge and substantial practical experience.


Program content

The programme covers basic subject areas of chemistry, microbiology and mechanical engineering that are essential in understanding the water and wastewater treatment methods and processes.

Additional areas of study related to water and wastewater treatment include automation, quality assurance, business economics, etc. Students gain experience in modern calculation methods and laboratory practice in water chemistry and process technology

1. Subjects in natural sciences

Physics, chemistry, mathematics, applied mechanics, geology for engineers, limnology and hydrobiology, water microbiology for engineers, limnoecology;

2. Economics and human studies

Communication and conflict management, economic knowledge, water and environmental law, management and business economics, quality knowledge, financial knowledge, EU; 

3. Water operation engineering professional studies:

Informatics, technical drawing, hydraulics, hydrology, geotechnics, watermachines, water facilities reconstruction, soil and agriculture, hydrogeology, hydroinformatics and database management, energy management, drinking water purification, sewage treatment, Hungary’s water management, data evaluation methods, defense and disaster management, safety technology, health and work safety, corrosion protection;

4. Specialization knowledge:

Environmental analysis, instrumentation and monitoring, biotechnology and innovation, water quality and soil protection, waste management and remediation 

5. Diploma thesis

6. Facultative subjects

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Applicants are required to produce evidence of English language proficiency

6 semesters
Tuition fees for this program are €1500 per semester for EU students and €3000 per semester for non-EU students