English and American Studies BA Faculty of Humanities
University of Pannonia

Starts in English
Bachelor's degree program
Full time

The program is good choice for students interested in the history, civilization and culture of English-speaking countries as well as the scientific investigation of the different areas - pronunciation, sentence structure, language varieties, language policy - of the English language.

Students can choose a specialization in English-speaking Literatures and Cultures / International Communication in Business and Public Administration

Program content

Program content

Semester 1

Introduction to Language Studies; Classification of Sciences and Library Studies; History of Philosophy; Written Communication 1; Spoken Communication 1; Introduction to Linguistics lect.; Introduction to Linguistics sem.; Pronunciation Practice; British Culture and Civilization; American Culture and Civilization 

Semester 2

The Fundamentals of Communication; Introduction to Literary Studies; Written communication 2; Spoken communication 2; Cultural Issues of the Post-Millennium; A Survey of Literary Theory lect.; A Survey of Literary Theory sem.; English Linguistics 1 Phonetics sem. 

Semester 3

Written communication 3; Spoken communication 3; History of English Literature 1 sem.; History of American Literature 1 sem.; History of Britain 1. lect.; Elective courses 

Semester 4

Written communication 4; Spoken communication 4; History of English Literature 2 lect.; History of the Britain 2. lect.; History of the US lect.; Major paper; Elective courses. 


Semester 5

Gender, Culture, Literature; Applied Linguistics 1. Introduction; History of the US 2. lect.; Dissertation Seminar I; Elective courses 

Semester 6

American Culture 3 Present Day America through icons; English Linguistics 3. Phrasal Syntax; Dissertation Seminar II; Elective courses. 

You can find a job with your degree

Upon completion of this program, students can go on to work in the following areas:

·         Foreign language services, translation and interpretation

·         Media, journalism

·         International organizations

·         Government, municipalities

·         Multinational companies

·         Culture, arts, creative businesses

·         Education

Interested in the details? Find out more on the faculty's webpage!

  • High-school leaving certificate
  • Score 40 or higher on internet-based TOEFL or equivalent on other TOEFL exams, or band 4.5 or higher on IELTS (B2 level English skills)
  • Admissions interview (personally or via Skype)
6 semesters
1500 euro/semester