Communications and Media Studies BA Faculty of Humanities
University of Pannonia

Starts in English
Bachelor's degree program
Social sciences
Full time

The aim of the program is to train communication professionals who are familiar with the institutions and institutions of the various stages of communication. They know the spheres of social communication, the structure of institutions operating here, the major institutions of communication and media, the operation of communication and media. With their acquired knowledge, abilities and attitudes, they are fully capable of communicating at institutions in communication. They are ready to continue their studies in Master's studies.

Our BSc in International Business Economics is for you if you

·         plan your own future in the media or as a communication specialist; 

·         want to get a global knowledge of the Media; 

·         are interested in culture and creative industries; 

·         want to raise your communication skills to a professional level; 

·         are interested in travel, 

·         want to see the world; 

·         like challenges; 

·         would like to study abroad as well.

Program content

Program content

Semester 1:  

Introduction to Philosophy; Political Science I.; Study of public administration; Personal and social communication; Introduction to Psychology; Creative writing; Research methodology and scientific writing I.; History of culture I. 

Semester 2:  

Introduction to the theory of international relations; Poll Studies; Political Science II.; Social psychology, group psychology; Media science and culture; Research methodology and scientific writing II.; The scenes of the communication space; Semantics, pragmatics; History of culture II; Communication orally and in writing I. 

Semester 3:  

Marketing Communications; Language and speech; Social gender and communication; Psycholinguistics; Sociolinguistics; Language and logic; Communication orally and in writing II. 


Semester 4:  

Digital editing specialization 

Picture editing; Edit text; Publication editing; Manuscript preparation; Text Studies; Publisher Basic Studies; Layout editor studies; Professional Internship 

Semester 5:  

Classification of sciences and library science; Media Studies 

Semester 6:  

Communicative Ethics; Communication philosophy and theory 

You can find a job with your degree

·         In any field of the media: journalism, radio, television, online media, social media manager, etc.;

·         Domestic and international companies;

·         Government offices and NGOs;

·         In culture management;

·        In PR field;

·         In creative industries;

·         In politics

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B2 level English skills, interview


6 semesters
1500 euro/semester