Tourism and Catering BSc Faculty of Business and Economics
University of Pannonia

Starts in English
Bachelor's degree program
Full time

BSc in Tourism and Catering is for you if you...

  • are open to the world and are interested in other cultures,
  • are interested in travel both personally and professionally,
  • want to show the treasures of Hungary to your fellows and international guests,
  • would like to get an insight into several academic disciplines such as business and economics, marketing, geography, and would like to learn how to examine issues in their complexity related to tourism,
  • can see complex issues, enjoy organising and have got good ideas as well.

Program content

You can find a job with your degree

  • Hotels, head offices of hotel chains and other accommodation
  • Catering establishments
  • Tour operators and travel agencies
  • National tourism management organisations and the related ministries and bodies
  • Local authorities and other tourism related regional or local bodies
  • National parks and other nature conservation directories
  • Conference and event organising businesses and institutions
  • Research institutes, consultancy companies, auditing companies
  • Transport companies
  • Non-tourism specific medium- and large-sized enterprises

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  • Finished secondary school studies
  • B2 level English language certificate (TOEFL/IELTS/ESOL/BEC/ECL/PTE/FCE/CAE/TELC/TOEIC/Euroexam) or Attestation of Language Proficiency in the case of former studies in English.
8 semesters
3100 €/ academic year

Tünde Vajda
International Coordinator