Materials Engineering MSc Faculty of Engineering
University of Pannonia

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Master's degree program
Full time

The aim of the program is to issue MSc degree to materialsengineers having sound knowledge of structure, properties, behaviour of technical materials (such as metals, ceramics, polymers, composites, and new functional materials). Based on their knowledge these engineers are able to develop, operate, organize, and manage manufacturing, forming, and processing technologies, they can conduct and co-ordinate research and development and continue their studies at postgraduate (PhD) level.

Program content

The structure of the program is presented according to the academic and output requirements. 

Subjects in natural sciences:
Mathematics, physics, chemistry, physical-chemistry
Economics andhumanities:
Management, communication, marketing, materials science related companies, law. 

Materials engineering core courses:
Materials science, modern surface analysis techniques, constructional materials and their technology, ceramics, polymers and composites, advanced glasses, testing of structural materials, process control, laboratory practice in machine elements.

Enhanced and extended studies in materials engineering:
Nuclear metrology,flow and heat engineering machines, transport phenomena, optics and laser technology, special topics, materials engineering design, NMR spectroscopy, instrumental analytical techniques;Nuclear Energetics; Nuclear Waste Management; Laboratory Practices in Radioecology; Nuclear chemistry and isotope technique; Uses of radioisotopes; Radiotracer Technologies; Lessons from the nuclear and radiation accidents; Dosimetry and radiation protection; Radioecology and Radiation Protection; Nuclear emergency management 

Facultative subjects

You can find a job with your degree

Materials Engineers with an MSc degree: 

  • Have a broad knowledge in the theories and practical methods of natural and technical sciences related to materials engineering.
  • Have a broad knowledge in the main properties and application fields of structural materials related to the specialization. 
  • Know the rules of the technical documentations.  
  • Have an insight in the organizational tools and methods of management.  
  • Have a broad knowledge in the laws related to the profession.  
  • Have knowledge in the field of measurement technique and theory.  
  • Possess fundamental knowledge of the information and communication technologies related to the profession.  
  • Have a broad knowledge in the field of materials structures and technologies. 

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Applicants are required to produce evidence of English language proficiency.

4 semesters
Tuition fees for this program are €1600 per semester for EU students and €3400 per semester for non-EU students.