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Social sciences
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The goal of our International Studies MA is to train highly qualified experts in the social sciences who are able to think about the place and role of Hungary and the Central European region in an international and global context.

Coupled with a broad knowledge of histories and current issues they are required to have a comprehensive understanding of the current dynamics of global political economy, legal frameworks and social processes. Based on the acquired knowledge and skills, they are able to make predictions and forecasts.

The program trains students to able to identify the complex issues inherent in Central Europe’s location in global challenges as well as to get acquainted with the world beyond Europe and tendencies of development of the third world. The acquired lexical knowledge and related skills enable them to pursue further studies or individual research (PhD). 


MA graduates are capable of: 

·         conducting work of individual analysis in the field of international studies;

·         decision preparation and decision making in the fields of international economics, politics and law;

·         participation in professional/scholarly debates;

·         wide-range application of integrated knowledge in the fields of social sciences and foreign policy analysis;

·         forging international links and ties;

·         conducting foreign language negotiations in their professional field.

Our BSc in International Business Economics is for you if you

·         are interested in the complex problems of economics, politics and social sciences, 

·         for whom it is important to understand local, regional and global contexts, and 

who would also master the practice of international communication (diplomacy, protocol, negotiation techniques).

Program content

Program content

1st semester 

The Theory of International Relations;
Globalisation and Global Economics

Philosophy of Politics


2nd semester 

Political Geography;
International Private Law;
International Finances


3rd semester 

Source Analysis of EU Documents

Minorities and Autonomies in Europe

4th semester 

Regional Economics;
European Foreign and Security Policy;
The EU in the System of International Relations

You can find a job with your degree

As diplomats, international relations specialists, researchers, journalists, public administration officials or employees of multinational companies, they will be able to orientate themselves in the complex scheme of international relations and are well suited to continuing their studies to PhD level.

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Students who have a bachelor's degree in International Studies or other degree in social sciences, economics, law or humanities (see the list of entrance courses in the list of Master's courses) and have a high level of English language skills are invited to apply for the Master's Degree in International Studies.

4 semesters
3000 EUR / semester