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University of Pannonia

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Master's degree program
Full time

MA in Applied Linguistics
If you are interested in the language(s) in use at the individual, societal or intercultural level, and you have a BA degree in humanities or social sciences, come to our Master’s program, where you can learn from world famous international professors; participate in research and conferences; prepare for doctoral studies. 

Students enrolled in the programme will know more about: 

  • how we process our language(s); 
  • how we acquire/learn language(s); 
  • how bi- and multilingual people communicate; 
  • what linguistic rights and policies different states have; 
  • how important intercultural communication is; 
  • how the brain works while processing language(s); 
  • what methods you can use for linguistic research. 

They can: 

  • learn from world famous international professors; 
  • participate in research and conferences; 
  • get published; 
  • work at any places where human communication is in focus; 
  • go on with your studies at our Multilingualism Doctoral School. 


Our BSc in International Business Economics is for you if you

you are interested in:
psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, neurolinguistics, language planning and policy, linguistic rights, communication, bi- and multilingualism.

We invite applicants interested in:

  • L1 and L2 acquisition
  • Speech production and perception
  • Media language analysis
  • Language planning, language policy
  • Applied linguistics research methodology
  • Multilingualism
  • Pursuing a PhD later

Program content

Semester 1:

Language and speech, Linguistic research methodology, Psycholinguistics, Sociolinguistics, Personal and societal communication, The history of applied linguistics, Academic language use 


Semester 2:

Semantics, pragmatics, Mono- and multilingual development, Linguistic corpus analysis, Speech and brain, Intercultural communication, Phonetics 


Semester 3:

Linguistic typological studies, Linguistic statistics, The bilingual mental lexicon, Multilingualism


Semester 4:

Language assessment, Theories of SLA, Language policy, linguistic rights 


Optional courses: 

Linguistic disorders, Media language, electronic communication, Minorities studies, Individual differences in SLL, Written language, Forensic linguistics, Hungarology, Computer-assisted linguistic research, Linguistic fieldwork, Bilingual speech behavior, Qualitative research methods in bilingualism and multilingualism

You can find a job with your degree

In any domains of the public sphere as a researcher, counsellor, spokesperson, language advisor, speech and communication expert, etc. 

Interested in the details? Find out more on the faculty's webpage!

B2 level English skills, B.A. degree, interview 

4 semesters
2000€/ semester