Multilingualism (Linguistics) PhD Faculty of Humanities
University of Pannonia

Starts in English
Doctoral School
Social sciences
Full time

We expect applicants, who would like to do research concerning the multilingual person and multilingual communities, as well as language teachers, who would contribute to the renewal of language teaching and language learning and making these more effective by academic research. 

There are 3 subprograms in the doctoral school:

- individual multilingualism

- multilingualism in society

- multilingualism through instruction. 

Program content

The 6 main modules are the following: 

·         Research methodology of multilingualism 

·         The neurolinguistics of multilingualism 

·         Multilingual development 

·         Multilingualism through instruction 

·         Multilingual processing 

·         Multilingualism in society 


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8 semesters
2000€/ semester