International Studies BA Faculty of Modern Philology and Social Sciences
University of Pannonia

Starts in English
Bachelor's degree program

Whom we expect?

Students who are interested in complex problems of economics, politics and social sciences, who wants to understand local, regional and global connectivity and who also would like to acquire practical knowledge about the techniques in international communications.


Study Objectives

The aim of the bachelor's degree in international studies is to train intellectuals who are able to navigate the world of international relations, who are able to adequately represent national and regional interests, who are sensitive to global problems and who are open to learning about other cultures. Those who are able to maintain international contacts, deal with creative problems and solve complex tasks flexibly in domestic or international corporate, governmental and non-governmental organizations, as well as who are prepared to continue their studies in a master's degree.


Program content

Program content

Main modules

·         Fundamental Law

·         Economics

·         Sociology

·         International Organisations

·         Eastern Central Europe and the EU

·         Political Science

You can find a job with your degree

As diplomats, international relations specialists, researchers, journalists, public administration officials or employees of multinational companies, they will be able to orientate themselves in the complex scheme of international relations

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