Design and Development Engineering for a Circular Economy University of Pannonia Nagykanizsa - University Center for Circular Economy

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Master's degree program
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The programme is dedicated to educating such highly-skilled professionals in engineering design and development for circular economies who are familiar with all the universal and more specific traits of circular systems. By the end of your studies, you will be able to pinpoint circular links between water and waste management and the use of renewable energy, and become familiar with the legal environment and regulations pertaining to the protection of intellectual property. With the high level of practical and theoretical knowledge obtained, you will be capable of conducting and managing complex R&D tasks.

Program content

1st semester: Research methodology and scientific writing; Circular economy; Circular water management; Circular energy management; Waste management – circular economy; Modern industrial IT solutions; Business law and the protection of intellectual property; Design of environmental technology systems

2nd semester: Thesis work I.; Specialized electives

3rd semester: Thesis work II.; Specialized electives

Specialized electives:

Renewable energy in circular economy specialization

2nd semester: Renewable energy policies and strategies from an international perspective; Energy challenges, impacts, trends and changes in global energy demand; Renewable energy sources, Renewable energy measurements and data analysis

3rd semester: The regional analysis of the energy systems of renewable energies; Design of renewable energy projects; Renewable energy data provision in an international context, the communication of renewable energy policies; The optimization of energy generation by variable renewable energy sources; Methodology of planning and development procedures

Water management in circular economy specialization

2nd semester: Restoration of the aquatic ecosystem; Design and evaluation of water treatment systems; Strategy for international water management and water politics; New trends in water analysis

3rd semester: Life cycle analysis in water treatment; Methodology for status survey of water environment; Circularity of pollutants in the environmental systems; Possibilities of recycle of industrial wastewater; Methodology of planning and development procedures

Waste management in circular economy specialization

2nd semester: Waste sorting technologies; Knowledge of the plastic industry; Geoinformatics; Management of biodegradable wastes

3rd semester: Reclamation; Radioactive waste management; Automative waste and recovery; Energy from waste; Methodology of planning and development procedures

You can find a job with your degree

The transition from a linear to a circular economy affects all industrial sectors. Skills in circular economy is one of the areas where the industry is facing significant skills shortages.

You'll be prepared for work at any kind of manufacturing company, as 

  • development manager
  • Environmental consultant
  • Ecotechnological engineer
  • Environmental specialist
  • public sector administration specialist

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Application without precondition

Those holding a BA/BSc degree in Environmental Engineering (or an equivalent degree of higher education) can be accepted to the Master’s program without precondition.

Application with precondition

Students holding a degree of any level of higher education (BA/BSc, MA/MSc) except for the above listed program need to have at least 60 credit points from their earlier studies with the following breakdown:

  • natural sciences (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Ecology) 20 credits
  • business and human knowledge (Economics, Legal studies, Management, Leadership and management, Project management, Communications, Social sciences) 10 credits
  • IT knowledge (IT, Information systems, Programming) 5 credits
  • engineering knowledge (Design, Development, Process control, Energetics-Technology, Mechanics) 25 credits
3 semesters
1,800 EUR/semester
Design and development engineer for a circular economy

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