International Business Economics BSc Faculty of Business and Economics
University of Pannonia

Starts in English
Bachelor's degree program
Full time

Our BSc in International Business Economics is for you if you:


·       Are open to the world and interested in other cultures and feel comfortable in international environment

·       Regard the globalized world economy as the natural environment of

·       today’s business operation and you want to explore their specific characteristics

·       Would like to study the EU markets and the institutions and policies of the EU in depth

·       Are interested in the various techniques of international negotiations and successful negotiation strategies

·       Are interested in the operation and role of international organizations, and are tempted to participate in economic diplomacy

·       Believe that foreign language communication skills of an international economic specialist are essential

·       Wish to apply the gained knowledge at transnational or multinational companies and learn more about global trends


You can find a job with your degree

·       Multinational corporations

·       International trade enterprises

·       International service providers

·       Organisations participating in (EU) projects)

·       Organisations in interstate relations

·       International professional associations

·       Printed and electronic media

·       Municipalities

·       Non-governmental organisations


Interested in the details? Find out more on the faculty's webpage!

·       Finished secondary school studies

·       TOEFL or IELTS or Attestation of Language Proficiency in case of English language former studies is needed

8 semesters
2700 €/ academic year
Economist in International Business Economics