Chemical Engineering MSc Faculty of Engineering
University of Pannonia

Starts in English
Master's degree program
Full time

The programme is designed to provide students a thorough knowledge covering all aspects of chemical engineering. Our aim is to deliver courses which meet the requirements of a diverse modern chemical industry and to play an important role in creating a generation of engineers who can function in today’s rapidly changing industrial marketplace. The course is accredited by the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE).

Our chemical engineers are qualified to complete design projects in the fields of chemical and related industries, and to carry out research and development tasks.

Program content

The structure of the program is presented according to the academic and output requirements.

1. Fundamental courses

Fundamentals of Natural Sciences: Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry 

Economic and Human Studies: Economics, Process Management, Quality Assurance, Law

2. Special core curriculum

Chemical Processes, Unit Operation, Process Control, Process Modelling and Process Design, Materials Processing, Analytical Chemistry and its application, Material sciences,

3. Differential professional studies


Hydrocarbon and Petrochemical Processing  

Unit Operation  

Advanced Process Engineering  

Nuclear Technology  


Diploma work (Thesis) 

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Applicants are required to produce evidence of English language proficiency.

4 semesters
Tuition fees for this program are €1600 per semester for EU students and €3400 per semester for non-EU students.