Environmental Engineering MSc Faculty of Engineering
University of Pannonia

Starts in English
Master's degree program
Full time

The aim of the course is to provide advanced training in natural sciences, engineering, business management, and to equip students with the knowledge of recognizing and preventing environmental hazards in different fields. With their professional knowledge they are able to mitigate and eliminate environmental problems and damages. Nevertheless, students learn how to utilize natural resources rationally, develop and operate cleaner technologies. They are capable of neutralizing hazardous waste by acquiring knowledge in the field of nature and land conservation, regional policy and environmental management.

Their overall knowledge enables them to plan, organize and control environmental projects and participate in engineering work creatively. Emphasis is put on identifying industrial and production processes that generate waste and discharges and on proposing suitable control and prevention measures to reduce or eliminate undesirable by-products and pollution. Various technologies are examined, including emissions control, water treatment, solid waste disposal, recycling, and energy utilization.

Environmental engineering requires a broad range of skills and expertise in technologies, project design including relevant management experience.

Program content

The structure of the educational program according to the training and output requirements is shown below:

1. Basic educational courses:

  • natural science basic courses 
  • economic and human subjects

2. Environmental engineering professional core courses:

  • professional core subjects 
  • project work 
  • diploma work 

3. Electives

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Applicants are required to produce evidence of English language proficiency.

4 semesters
Tuition fees for this program are €1600 per semester for EU students and €3400 per semester for non-EU students.